Helsinki’s Belsinkis, The Hun Is At It Again!

On this day in 1918, during what would come to be known as The War to End all Wars*, German forces captured the city of Helsingfors (now Helsinki) from the Red Guard, a military force still loyal to the Russian Bolsheviks. Finland had only been an Independent state for a few months, taking advantage of the revolution in Russia to create its own, sovereign nation.

Supreme Head Honcho and Chief Big Cheese of the Imperial German Empire, Kaiser Wilhelm II,  ordered an invasion of the newly created Finnish state both to support anti-Bolshevik forces under Baron Karl Gustav Mannerheim, and to bring the short-lived Finnish Civil War to a rapid conclusion. This goal was officially attained on 15th May, 1918, though no actual peace treaty or surrender was signed.  It’s always a good idea to not have the defeated party sign a surrender. That could NEVER come back and bite you on the ass.

* A stupendously optimistic thing to call World War ONE.

Ecstatic Finnish locals ‘Raise the Roof’ in support of their German liberators. 



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